City Council Declines to Retain Sustainability Coordinator Position in a Straw Poll Vote

Last night during the Budget Review Meeting, Councilor Nathan Davis proposed, as RESAC had advised, retaining the sustainability coordinator position in the 2023 budget. In a straw poll vote, both Councilors Davis and Sarah Austin voted to retain the position. Councilors Louise Maclellan-Ruf and Nicole Kalloch, along with Mayor Ed Glaser, voted against retaining the […]

RESAC Advises City Council to Retain the Sustainability Coordinator Position in the 2023 Budget

The following was presented during public comment during the 9 May City Council Meeting. Below the public comment are some specific examples we’ve discussed regarding staffing the sustainability coordinator position. Today (16 May 2022), City Council will discuss the proposed elimination of the position during the Budget Review Meeting at 5:30 pm at City Hall […]