Report It, Fix It

Report It, Fix It

Welcome to the Report It, Fix It system. This reporting tool feeds directly to the Public Services Department and can be utilized to report issues that should be brought to the attention of the city. Please note that you must be registered and logged in to use the system.

Getting Started

  1. To create a new issue, simply move the map below until the red cross hair icon is at the point of your issue. If on a mobile device, the map will automatically shift to your current location. You can also manually enter an address on the report issue screen too.
  2. Now hit the Report Issue button at the top left of the map.
  3. Enter in your issue details and submit.
  4. You can always come back to this map to check on the status of your issue by clicking on your issue map pin, by changing the map view to table view in the map filters or by visiting your profile.

Stuck or looking for support? Hit the Need Help button below.

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Issue Reporting Help

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I create a new issue? Please see the Getting Started instructions at the top of this page
  • When will my issue be updated? The Public Services Department will regularly update issues depending on their priority, if you are still waiting for an update after some time, please contact the Public Services Department
  • I have an urgent issue. If your issue is urgent, please contact the Public Services Department directly. If your issue is life threatening, always dial 911 for assistance.
  • How do i find my reported issue? You can always find your submitted issue on the reporting screen by viewing the map and clicking on your issue's map pin or by clicking the map view filter and switching it to table view. You can now also access your reported issues directly through your profile and clicking on the Reporting menu item.
  • Will Public Services contact me? Public Services will generally only contact you if you opted to let them do so when reporting your issue. If you allowed Public Services to contact you, you will gain access to an email thread on your issue or in your profile, which will allow you to respond to replies and keep track of your communications with the department.
  • I still need help. You can let Public Services know by submitting an online form with your request. You can do that by clicking here.

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