The Committee advises the City Council and assists and advises the City Manager, Community Development Director, and Sustainability Coordinator on energy matters that improve the economic and environmental sustainability of Rockland.


First Tuesday 5:00 – 6:30 pm
The Committee is currently meeting virtually (Zoom link provided in each agenda). Agendas, minutes, and miscellaneous files are publicly accessible and can be viewed at For agendas and minutes, click on “Present Year”> “Monthly Meetings”> and then the files are within the folders for each month.

Members/Term Expiration/Expertise and interests

Mary Ellen Eagan (2026) – Env/transportation consulting + Organizational leadership
Constance Evans (2024) – Academic research + Low emissions
Lee Humphreys (2026) – Water quality + Agriculture
Todd Schwendeman (2024) – Water/soil chemistry + Hazardous waste
Nathan Smith (2026) – Seafood/aquaculture + wildlife conservation
Vacant (2027)
Vacant (2027)

Student Members (non-voting)
Joshua Placides (2025) – Energy + Climate change

If you are interested in serving on the Committee, please reach out to any committee member, or email